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JSCAS is an association of amateur astronomers dedicated to the study and enjoyment of astronomy since 29 May 1967.

South East Houston Astronomy Club

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August 9th - Dr. Walter Kiefer, LPI - "Apollo 11 at 50: The Legacy of “One Small Step"


September 6th - Haak Winery - First Quarter 56% Moon, sunset at 19:38, and Twilight at 20:02.

September 13th - Brad Thomas, FBAC - "Microcomputers and the Portable Observatory."


October 4th - All Clubs Meeting. Dr. Walt Keifer “Apollo 11 at 50: The Legacy of ‘One Small Step“

October 5th - Astronomy Day at the Insperity Observatory

October 5th - International Observe the Moon Night at the LPI - volunteers not going to ADAY are needed.

October 5th - Girl Scout Troop at Space Center Houston - Rocket Park - volunteers not going to ADAY are needed.

October 11th - Dr. David Kring, LPI, "Earth’s Oldest Rock on the Moon?"

October 24th - 26th - Fort McKavett


November 2nd - League City - Astronomy in the Park

November 3rd - Day Light Savings ENDS.

November 8th - David Haviland - "A Primer of the Moon, & My Ongoing Travels in Lunar Photography."

November 16th - Haak Winery - DSO night, Moon not avail, Sunset 17:26, with Twilight at 17:51.


December 7th - League City - Astronomy in the Park

December 13th - Dr. Aurore Hutzler - LPI - "Exploring Space through Sample Return Missions: How, Where, and What Do We Do with the Rocks?"




January 10th - Dr. Louise Prockter, Director - LPI (Tentative)

February 14th - Open

Feb 19-23rd - Aurora viewing expedition #19 in Alaska (Eclipse Tours)

March 13th - Paul Maley - "Solar Eclipse, Earth Satellite and Minor Planet Occulatation Happenings."

March 26th - 28th - Fort McKavett (Tentative)

April 10th - Open

May 8th - Open

June 12th - Leonard Ferguson, FBAC, - TBA

June 17-23rd - Annular eclipse of the Sun in Oman (Eclipse Tours)

July 10th - Open

August 14th - Open

September 11th - Open

October 9th - Open

October 15th - 17th - Fort McKavett (Tentative)

October 24 All Clubs Meeting, HMNS

October 25 - Houston Astronomy Day at the George Observatory, BBSP.

October 25-29th - Aurora viewing #20 in Alaska (Eclipse Tours)

November 13th - Open

December 10-15th - Total eclipse of the Sun in Argentina (Eclipse Tours)

December 11th - Open




October 23rd - Annular Eclipse in Texas




April 8th - Total Eclipse in Texas