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JSCAS is an association of amateur astronomers dedicated to the study and enjoyment of astronomy since 29 May 1967.

South East Houston Astronomy Club

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January 4th - (Saturday) - Haak Winery - First Quarter Moon

January 10th - Cancelled. Rescheduled per weather.

January 24th - San Leon Elementary School, 7:00-8:00 pm


February 14th - Dr. Aaron Clevenson, NHAC - "The Wonders of Saturn".

February 19-23rd - Aurora viewing expedition #19 in Alaska (see the Eclipse Tours website)

February 22nd (Saturday) -  Venus and Volcanism at the LPI (Telescopes are needed)


March 5th (Thursday) - San Leon Elementary School, 7:00-8:00 pm (rescheduled from 2/21).

March 6th - (Friday) - Haak Winery.

March 13th - Postponed, cautionary per Covid19 concerns.

March 19th - 21st - Fort McKavett - Cancelled.


April 3rd (Friday) - City of Nassau Bay event (details forthcoming). Cancelled

April 10th - Justin McCollum, HAS - "Mechanics of Lunar Motion" - Online and through YouTube only. No physical meeting at the LPI will take place. See club info on the first page for details.

April 18 (Saturday) -  Earth Day at the LPI (Telescopes are needed) Cancelled.


May 1st - (Friday) - Haak Winery (Cancelled)

May 8th - Brandon Reddell - UHCL - "Astrophysics Using the ISS: An overview of the AMS and NICER experiments". Will be a virtual meeting.

May 17-24, Texas Star Party - near Fort Davis, TX. (Cancelled)


June 12th - Leonard Ferguson & Annie Wargetz, FBAC, - “The Road Goes Ever On:  The Martian Rovers and Our Path to the Red Planet”. This will be a virtual meeting.

June 17-23rd - Annular eclipse of the Sun in Oman (see the Eclipse Tours website)

June 26th - (Friday) - Haak Winery (Tentative)

June 27 (Saturday) -  Asteroid Day and Planetary Defense at the LPI*  (Tentative)


July 10th - Bill Spizzirri, FBAC - "Meteors and Meteorites". This will be a virtual meeting.

July 18 (Saturday) -  Mars 2020 and Astrobiology at the LPI (Tentative)


August 14th - Paul Maley, JSCAS - ""Around the world for an eclipse plus STARLINK and the future of the night skies" This will be a virtual meeting.

August 29th - (Saturday) - Haak Winery (Happened!!!)


September 11th - Tom Field (Contributing Editor at Sky & Telescope Magazine) with "You can almost touch the stars (Astronomical Spectroscopy). For extra details see RSpec (www.rspec-astro.com)

September 26 (Saturday) - InOMN at the LPI (Tentative)


October 9th - Jai and Neil Shet, FBAC  “A Journey Through Space and Time: On The Road To Milky Way"   How they created their panorama of the Northern & Southern Milky Way and stacked images of phases of the Moon

October 15th - 17th - Fort McKavett - CANCELLED.

October 23rd - All Clubs Meeting, Robert Reeves, "Observind and Understanding the Moon". Virtual - please see the front page for registration details.

October 24th - Houston Astronomy Day at the George Observatory, BBSP. CANCELLED.

October 25-29th - Aurora viewing #20 in Alaska (see the Eclipse Tours website)


November 13th - Dr. Chistohper Johns-Krull, Rice Univ. - "Characterizing Planets Around Other Stars: The Quest for Life on Other Worlds"

November 27th - (Friday) - Haak Winery.


December 10-15th - Total eclipse of the Sun in Argentina (Eclipse Tours)

December 11th - Open



January 8th -

February 12th -

March 12th -

March 11th - 13th - The Club's trip to Fort McKavett

March 19-23, 2021 Aurora Viewing #21 in Alaska (Eclipse Tours)

April 9th -

May 14th -

June 11th -

July 9th -

August 13th -

September 10th -

September 18-22, 2021 Aurora Viewing #22 in Alaska (Eclipse Tours)

October 8th -

October 7th - 9th - The Club's Trip to Fort McKavett

November 12th -

Nov 28-Dec 11, 2021 Total Solar Eclipse in Antarctica (Eclipse Tours)

December 10th -



Feb 2022 Aurora Viewing #23 in Alaska (Eclipse Tours)

March 3rd – 5th - Fort McKavett - Tentative!

Oct 2022 Aurora Viewing #24 in Alaska (Eclipse Tours)

October 20th - 22nd - Fort McKavett - Tentative!




April 20, 2023 Total eclipse in Western Australia (Eclipse Tours)

October 23rd - Annular Eclipse in Texas




April 8th - Total Eclipse in Texas

April 8, 2024 Total eclipse cruise from Baja California (Eclipse Tours)

Oct 8, 2024 Annular solar eclipse in Argentina (Eclipse Tours)